Thrive Leads – Would It Be Quite As Good As This.

With all the buzz around Facebook Live, it’s easy to forget about building your email list. Yet email remains the easiest method to advertise your offers and make a sustainable business because consumers, like you and me, are at ease with that communication channel. But if you’re going to pay attention to building your email list, then you will want the right tools. Choosing an e-mail company is only the starting point. Next, you’ll need a WordPress plugin to assist you create and publish the best opt-in form in the perfect place on your site. As well as in this review, we’ll check out how Thrive Leads may help you do that quicker and smarter.

What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is really a lead generation plugin for WordPress; an all-in-one list-building solution that accelerates your list-building efforts. Unlike the poor choice of opt-in forms you obtain inside email marketing software, Thrive Leads offers you an arsenal of conversion-focused opt-in forms to aid improve your email list. It provides direct API integrations for the most popular email services. Plus, it can be used with any system that produces an HTML signup form:

And don’t worry about connecting your service because WordPress Optin Plugin has tutorial videos for each and every one. Let’s take a close look at what it are capable of doing. Once you’ve installed Thrive Leads, you start with an empty-looking dashboard screen:

At the top will be the Summary Reports section that’ll top off when you begin creating and publishing your opt-in forms. Underneath that are four placeholders to handle your opt-in forms. Let’s take a look at every one in turn. Lead Groups determine what type and position from the opt-in forms you display on your site. Using this feature, it is possible to test various forms against one another and set up rules for targeting options. To utilize Lead Groups, hit the “Add New” button and label it to your reference only. Once you put in a new group, a window will appear listing the kind of opt-in forms you can add for your site:

Right now, you can find 9 forms you can contribute in the group:

In Content – A static banner-type form that one could place, because the name implies, any place in your articles.

Lightbox – An overlay (a.k.a. popup) which is displayed in a new window above your articles when triggered.

Post Footer – A static banner-type form that you can place after each blog post.

Ribbon – A ribbon type form which shows on top of the screen and stays “sticky” because the visitor scrolls on the page.

Screen Filler – The “unignorable” opt-in form to make sure you get the visitor’s full attention on the offer.

Scroll Mat – A unique form of screen-filling offer that appears from the top of the page and pushes the content down.

Slide in – Less intrusive compared to a popup, this form slides into view from a corner of your screen.

Widget – An opt-in form to your sidebar or some other widget area on your site.

PHP Insert – An advanced feature that you need to use only once you learn what you’re doing.

You can add and take off forms from the Lead Group whenever you want. Within this example, you can see I’ve added a Lightbox.

Following step is always to design your opt-in form and configure your display options.

With Lead Shortcodes, you can contribute one sort of opt-in form anywhere on your site employing a shortcode. You’ll need to copy and paste the code into the area where you want to display it.

A shortcode form looks the same as the post footer form. You can’t create any other kind of form, but you can place it on different pages around your web site. ThriveBoxes are 2-Step Opt-in forms that display a popover on top of your page. In addition they work by way of a shortcode, so it’s easy to add those to all of your posts/pages.

The thought behind the two-Step opt-in process is actually a psychology principle called the Zeigarnik Effect, which states those who start something will probably finish the process.

You send a message which contains a registration link to your subscribers. Once they follow the link, it will take them to a landing page where they should enter contact details, confirm their subscription, and lastly rhidnr webinar details. That’s a few way too many steps. And odds are, you’ll lose people along the way. Signup Segue allows you to send people a link that signs them up directly to the service you might be promoting without the other steps. You enter in the information on the webinar you would like to promote and obtain a custom link that you could show to your subscribers. Now they only need to follow the link, and the remaining steps complete within the background.